Create a new BLU AGE model using MagicDraw modeling tool

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Updating Wiki - Mise à jour du Wiki

The Wiki is currently being updated to the Blu Age 5.4 version. - Le Wiki est en cours de migration vers la version 5.4 de Blu Age.

— The Blu Age Team

Last updated : 11/24/2014
Apply to versions : Blu Age II 5.0 and higher, any technologies.

1. Right click on the explorer view.

2. Select the menu entry new > Other.


3. In MagicDraw, select MagicDraw Project from Template.


4. There is two kinds of bluage MagicDraw templates : Bluage_Template for all the PLTC Technologies (SpringMVC, JSF, EJB3 ...) and Bluage_Template_RichUI for all the CSLTC Technologies (Currently JSF2). Select the one that suits your needs.


5. Give a name to your MagicDraw model.


6. Your newly created model is automatically opened in the MagicDraw containment tree view. Bluage Profiles are automatically linked.