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Updating Wiki - Mise à jour du Wiki

The Wiki is currently being updated to the Blu Age 5.4 version. - Le Wiki est en cours de migration vers la version 5.4 de Blu Age.

— The Blu Age Team

Last updated : 11/07/2014
Apply to versions : Blu Age II 5.0 and higher, all technologies, windows version

1. Run the installer .exe file

Installation 1.jpg

2. Read carefully the prerequisites and make sure they are all met. The prerequisites might be different depending on the Blu Age version you are installing.

Installation 2.jpg

3. Read and Accept the licence agreement.

Installation 3.jpg

4. You can choose to install and integrate Magic Draw to Blu Age on your own. It is however strongly advised to let it be install directly by the Blu Age installer.

Installation 4.jpg

5. Set up your installation.

  • It is strongly recommended to not use an installation path using spaces.
  • The license server address depends on your environment configuration. If you do not have a licence server yet, please refer to the page How to get a licence.

Installation 5.jpg

6. Set up your shortcuts.

Installation 6.jpg