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Updating Wiki - Mise à jour du Wiki

This website is no longer maintained and will be closed soon. The up-to-date BluAge documentation can be found here : BluAge Documentation.

— The Blu Age Team

Blu Age Encyclopedia

This is a community-driven wiki space dedicated to the Blu Age products, covering its features, tips and tricks, use cases, how-to's, architecture, etc. Anyone can add content easily here so please share your ideas, links, documents, etc. with the rest of the community!



First start

Legacy Procedural to Cloud

Start a modernization project

UI extraction

Legacy Client/Server to Cloud

Create a rich client application with Blu Age

Blu Age Data and Database Modernization

Blu Age Forward

Start a forward project

Create a new BLU AGE model using MagicDraw modeling tool

Blu Age productivity features

Compare feature

Pattern Matching

Blu Age Deliver

Generate a project using a command line

Check that your modernized application produces the correct data in a continuous integration