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Updating Wiki - Mise à jour du Wiki

The Wiki is currently being updated to the Blu Age 5.4 version. - Le Wiki est en cours de migration vers la version 5.4 de Blu Age.

— The Blu Age Team

Last updated : 11/21/2014
Apply to versions : Blu Age II 5.0 and higher, any technologies.

1. Right click on the explorer view.

2. Select the menu entry new > BLU AGE Project


3. Enter a project name.

4. Click Next.


5. Configure your project global properties. Most properties bear obvious name. For details on some of the properties please refer to the component properties reference guide.


6. Configure your project maven properties. Except for some specific cases, the default configuration should fit your needs.


7. Configure your BLU AGE components properties. A page will be displayed for each component. A BLU AGE component generates a specific part of your project. For instance the hibernate components generates a Hibernate persistence layer for your application. Please refer to the component properties reference guide for more details.


Note : Advanced users can switch to expert mode using the drop down menu in the top right corner. This mode enables to configure properties that are non essentials in basics projects.


8. Your BLU AGE generation project is available in the package explorer view.