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Updating Wiki - Mise à jour du Wiki

The Wiki is currently being updated to the Blu Age 5.4 version. - Le Wiki est en cours de migration vers la version 5.4 de Blu Age.

— The Blu Age Team

Last updated : 11/04/2014
Apply to versions : Blu Age II 5.0 - Cariatides


This wiki will guide you through the creation of a new modernization project.

Creating a Blu Age modernization project will transform your legacy code into a language understandable by any developer. It will also enhance your team productivity by

This example uses a Cariatides Blu Age modernization product. If you are using another modernization product, the menu items names and the file extension will differ to use your legacy language name instead of Cariatides.


The Blu Age Legacy importation process transforms your legacy code into a language understandable by any developer.

1. Right click on the explorer view.

2. Select the menu entry new > Other.

Tip: Alternatively Press CTRL + N.

Cariatides New Reverse.jpg

3. Select Cariatides reverse project in the BLU AGE Reverse Modeling folder.

Cariatides select wizard.jpg

4. Enter a project name.

5. Click Next.

Cariatides new project wizard page 1.jpg

6. Click the browse button to select either an archive or a folder containing your legacy inputs.

7. Select the import type accordingly.

8. Click Next.

Cariatides new project wizard page 2.jpg

The extraction process will start. It might take several minutes if the number of programs imported and/or their size is significant.


Once the extraction process has finished, a new project is added to the package explorer view. The project is named after the configuration you made in the step 4 of the importation chapter.

The input folder holds the original legacy files.

The models folder holds technical files used by Blu Age.

The output folder holds your converted files.


An excel spreadsheet is produced during the extraction. It holds important information regarding your modernization project like the number of LoC processed, the dependencies between your programs ...

This file is available in the root folder of your project.

Extraction output 1.jpg

Extraction output 2.jpg

Extracted files

Extracted files are available in the the output folder.

Extraction output 3.jpg

What to do next

You should think about creating a Knowledge Base.